About Gamma

About Gamma

Our Logo

Our Logo resembles a Lotus Bud, signifies our strong belief in ‘Hands-on Skill Development’. The Logo signifies importance of combination of Emotions (Soft Skills) and Logics (Technical Skills). The logo depicts 'Feelings' on left and 'Logics' on right side, exactly like human Brain.

Our team at GSAT are determined to upskill our participants both in terms of hands-on Automation skills with added advantage of human behavioral skills e.g. Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, Teamwork.


कौशलम् विजयते : अर्थात: 'कौशल' की ही जीत होती है
Kaushalam Vijayate : Meaning: 'Skills always Win '

History is full of examples where Man or Women with Right Skills have conquered both Professional and Personal Life scenarios. Right Skills when acquired timely, evolve a man innately. Gamma Skills is founded to serve the purpose of fostering the 'Right skills' in most effective ways.


To develop hands-on skills of ‘Working engineering Professionals’ and Fresh Engineers, on Industry4.0 Technologies, through Competency based Training on world class Industrial Robots & Automation systems, with primary focus on enhancing scope of employability and fulfill manpower requirement of Automation Industry.


Our state-of-the-art lab encompasses advanced Industrial Training systems on technologies like PLC, Industrial Robot, Machine Vision system, Industrial 3-D Printing, IIOT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With hands-on Training on these systems, we garner the advanced Automation Skillsof our Trainees andmake them ready to be an authentic Automation professional.

GSAT – Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd is the pioneer in Advanced automation Skills Development.
Our state-of-the-art lab is equipped with latest and best in class Automation systems :
Industrial Robot, Industrial IOT, PLC & HMI, Electro-Hydraulic & Electro-Pneumatic systems, Industrial Sensors, Industrial Mechatronics System, Industrial Machine Vision System, Industrial 3D Printer, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

GSAT is associated to Industry associations from Skill development Industry as well as Automation Industry. We design our Training courses with consultation from these bodies as well as companies associated in Automation business segment. Our courses are then aligned as per the competencies defined and required by the industry.

Our Features

Market Leader Industrial technologies

We Hand picked Systems after Carefully studying exact industry requirements so that training meets exact industry needs

Competence Building

All our courses target specific competencies which are critical for employment in Automation roles in Industry.

Innovative Industrial Applications

We have integrated multiple industrial systems in our lab similar to typical automation cell in industry.

Unique Learning experience

We run our courses on Design Thinking approach to ensure participants learn with hands-on experiments.

Industrial Experts each and every course

For Every course we invite faculty who are serving in industry. This is to ensure participants gain insight right from the field

Soft skills: Key to success

We embed soft skills like Design Thinking, Collaboration, Problem solving into courses to inculcate 'Human behavioral Aspects' which are most critical for success.

Our Leadership

Gamma Skills is founded on the strong foundation of decades of hands-on expertise of our leadership team.

Gamma skills has evolved from the decades of experience of our founders in world’s leading MNCs in Automation & Robotics Industry. The strong roots of Gamma Skills are based in our unique functional expertise in Automation & Robotics, Human Resources, Education, Learning & Development functions.

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

Director,Founder of GSAT and Founder of Automation Talent India

Our Leaders

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

Founder, Director: Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt. Ltd.
Founder: Automation Talent India

Ravinder is a passionate Business HR professional with a decade of work experience in Automation Industry. Before founding these 2 ventures dedicated to Automation Talent, he has worked with leading Industrial Automation company FANUC India. During his career in Automation sector Ravinder has developed and implemented HR practices in Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Learning & Development. His primary focus was on development of Leadership & Managerial capabilities of leaders and thence to improve companywide employee engagement across all levels.

Ravinder in now on his entrepreneurial journey to serve the Engineering &Automation Industry via his ventures Automation Talent India& Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd.

Ravinder is a Science graduate. He developed interest in Training & Education in the early days hence pursued Bachelor of Education. During this period Ravinder grew more interest in Human Talent and continued his education to do MBA in HR Management.

Some of his professional certifications are:

  • Leaders of Learning: Harvard University
  • Design lead strategy: Design thinking for Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship: The University of Sydney
  • Certified Competence & Performance Developer
  • Certified Psychometric testing Professional
  • Certified Trainer Facilitator
  • Certified Recruitment Analyst

Coming from a small village in the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh, he grew up the ranks in professional world. Ravinder is keen to contribute to thedevelopment of those who belong to socially backward areas and feel subdued by lack of guidance in their life.

Our Leaders

Mr. Narender Yadav

Director: Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Yadav is a seasoned entrepreneur. Coming from a military family, he has always been very disciplined in life and wanted to become a military officer like his father. However, life had other plans for him. While pursuing his Civil Engineering degree, at age of 21, he got an opportunity for a small construction related project work where he did exceptionally well and life never allowed him to look back.

Mr. Yadav became a Military civil contractor and worked on multiple military civil projects in North East India for over 30 years. His work for military fulfilled his desire to serve the nation and military too. Meanwhile, Mr. yadav also established 3 more trading businesses.ls Automation Training Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Yadav became a Military civil contractor and worked on multiple military civil projects in North East India for over 30 years. His work for military fulfilled his desire to serve the nation and military too. Meanwhile, Mr. yadav also established 3 more trading businesses.

Having engineering background and seeing the scope for Automation & Robotics skill development in India, Mr. Yadav got inclined and joined Mr. Ravinder to start Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Narender Yadav

Director of GSAT