कौशलम् विजयते : अर्थात: 'कौशल' की ही जीत होती है
Kaushalam Vijayate : Meaning: 'Skills always Win '

History is full of examples where Man or Women with Right Skills have conquered both Professional and Personal Life scenarios. Right Skills when acquired timely, evolve a man innately. Gamma Skills is founded to serve the purpose of fostering the 'Right skills' in most effective ways.


To develop hands-on skills of ‘Working engineering Professionals’ and Fresh Engineers, on Industry4.0 Technologies, through Competency based Training on world class Industrial Robots & Automation systems, with primary focus on enhancing scope of employability and fulfill manpower requirement of Automation Industry.


Our state-of-the-art lab encompasses advanced Industrial Training systems on technologies like PLC, Industrial Robot, Machine Vision system, Industrial 3-D Printing, IIOT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With hands-on Training on these systems, we garner the advanced Automation Skillsof our Trainees andmake them ready to be an authentic Automation professional.


Advanced Training & Skills


GSAT Super 30 Batch

Course Name Objective Deliverable Duration Action
Weekend Robotics Certification Program To Upskills working professionals looking to Upgrade themselves with Industrial Robotics Application Skills By End of this Program, you will:
  • Learn about Elements of Industrial Robots and their function
  • Learn how to Commission an Industrial Robot in any factory
  • Learn System Integration and Programming of Industrial Robots
  • Integrate, Program and Prove-out Material handling Robotic cell using Industrial Robot,Pneumatic Robotic Gripper, Conveyor and Machine Vision System (Optional)
5 Sundays
Robotics, Automation and Industry4.0: Integrated Course for Experienced Professionals, Special Batch with Job Placement Aim of this special program batch is to help Engineering professionals quickly upskill themselves by practicing Hands-on with Industrial Robots, Automation & IIoT; and get employed in Industry4.0 Era job roles.
  • Anatomy and Application of 6 Axis Industrial Robots Including Collaborative Robot
  • Elements of Industrial Automation: Sensors, VFD, Servo System, PLC, Electro-Pneumatics+ Hydraulics
  • Motion Control, Industrial Networking
  • Integrate and interface SIEMENS, Allen Bradley/Rockwell, Mitsubishi PLCse
  • PLC Programming, HMI Development
  • Industrial IOT System Foundation
  • Integrate Industrial Robot to PLC, Conveyor and Industrial 2D Machine Vision System
  • Commissioning of an Industrial Robotic cell for Material handling Application with Machine Vision System
  • 1 Month rigorous hands-on Training in Industrial Robots and Automation Systems
  • Job Placement after completion of the Program
  • Skill Certification jointly by Gamma Skills and Automation Industry Association
22 days/4 weeks

Max batch size: 21

Robotics, Automation and Industry4.0: Integrated Course for Experienced Professionals Aim of this program is to help Engineering professionals upskill themselves for Industry4.0 era by practicing Hands-on with Industrial Robots, Automation & IIoT technologies


  • Elements of Industrial Automation Projects: Sensors, Actuators, VFD, PID, PLC, HMI, Communication etc
  • Integrate and interface PLCs with other elements including Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Systems
  • PLC Programming, HMI Development
  • Prepare, Program and prove-out Automation 'use case' Project

Industrial Robotics

  • Anatomy and Application of 6 Axis Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robot
  • Integrate and Program Industrial Robotics cell for Material handling Application with Conveyor, Machine Vision System
  • Prepare, Program and prove-out Robotics 'use case' Project


  • Elements of Industrial IOT System
  • Commissioning of an Industrial Machine Monitoring System
12 Weekends (24 Days Saturdays + Sundays)
IIoT Professional Certification To induce the fundamental skills required for conceptualization and Execution of an Industrial IoT Project in manufacturing and other industrial environment.
  • Understand Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT
  • Application of IIoT in Manufacturing
  • Most critical Elements of IIoT
  • How does an Ideal IIoT System Look like
  • How to Integrate an IIoT System
  • How to solve the challenges of Legacy Systems
  • Machine Dynamics, Communication, Control Systems, Sensors, Signals,
  • Parameters, Data capturing, Data Analysis, Reports, Triggers, Alerts, Monitoring Production Targets,
  • Use cases of IIoT
5 days

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Industry 4.0

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised an Industry Interactive Webinar on “Atmanirbhar Bharat amid Industry 4.0


According to a World Bank research in 2016 “Automation threatens 69% of the jobs in India.” Today, we are living in a world where machines are also learning!


Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd, acronym ‘GSAT’, is an Industry 4.0 ‘Skills Development Centre’.